Why vaginas hurt after sex

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The vulva comprises the labia, clitoris, vaginal opening, and urethral opening. The labia are the lips, or folds, of skin around the vaginal opening. If you experience pain in your vagina or vulva after sexual penetration, there are several reasons why it could be happening. You can treat or prevent most causes.

What Causes a Sore Vaginal Area After Sex?

Why Does My Vagina Hurt After Sex? | VuVa Blog – Vuvatech

The vagina may become sore during or after sex for several reasons. For example, causes may include friction, infections, allergies, and trauma. Treatments vary depending on the cause. If the pain is due to psychological reasons, such as psychologically induced vaginal tightening, counseling may be a good option.

4 Things That Can Make Your Vagina Feel Sore After Sex

So you're enjoying the afterglow of a satisfying sex session when you realize your vagina feels sore and tender. The discomfort lasts at least a few hours or even into the next day. You know the action felt good in the moment, and your partner didn't do anything unusual.
Sex shouldn't be painful, but in some cases, you may start to feel sore a few minutes or even a couple days afterward. There are many reasons why you might feel sore after sex — some may be easy fixes, like using more lube, while others may be more serious, like a sexually transmitted infection STI. Many times, your vagina won't produce enough lubrication on its own to make sex go smoothly.