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Please register, and you will get it every month. Masked dancers make contact with the spirit world: a Nayu dancer in Malawi. To prevent a re-run of those horrors, the visitors in the Uhuru Park prayed for peace, sang hymns and waved white flags. During the event, six presidential candidates promised to ensure a peaceful election process. They repented sins, held hands, forgave each other and hugged in front of their potential voters.

Rethinking religion, magic and witchcraft in South Africa: From colonial coherence to postcolonial conundrum 1. Religion, magic and witchcraft are conceptual, socially constructed categories, the boundaries of which have been contested under diverse religious, cultural and intellectual conditions in the west. This paper focuses firstly on the polemical relationship between religion and magic in the context of colonial South Africa, namely, the historical factors that privileged the category religion and the multiple effects of the social and legal imposition of western epistemologies on colonised communities whose practices constituted 'magic', and, therefore, were synonymous with 'witchcraft'. A parallel discussion is on the influence Christian and Enlightenment thought had on category construction in the study of religion and questions the extent to which Religion Studies today engages in decolonising the categories religion, magic and witchcraft in ways that do not contradict religious realities in our society. The science of comparative religion that developed after the publication of Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species was dominated by the approach to the material taken by philologist Friedrich Max Muller Sharpe Despite carrying his own scepticism of Darwinian thought Max Muller was aware of the influence Darwin's evolutionary hypothesis was exerting on research in the nascent social sciences. These disciplines were epistemologically grounded in the legacy of Enlightenment thought that championed the rationalist approach to knowledge and were mostly born in nations involved in colonial expansion.

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