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The eldest two children of the Okoli family had the sickle cell disease. At the heart of this programme lies a specialist group of HGS advisors, who provide end-to-end customer care for families who have signed up for cord blood storage. HGS agents also organise for the stem cell sample to be transported to the lab for testing, within 24 hours of collection. When need arises, our agents will liaise with the family and medical professionals for safe retrieval and transport of the stored samples. And most often, it is an emotionally charged one, for the families involved and for our advisors, who hand hold them through each stage.

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Precision Cellular Storage is a transport quality cord blood stem cell bank , with operations in Doha and the United Kingdom. The company was formerly named Virgin Health Bank until , when it closed to new business and focused on the storage of existing customers' units. The company was established in by the Virgin Group to combine storage services with educational initiatives for families and the medical community. Cord blood banking enables stem cells to be collected from the blood remaining in a baby's umbilical cord and then cryo-preserved so that they can be used in therapies should the child or other matched recipients require them.
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