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Log in. Tired of attempting to cover excessive thread veins with full coverage make-up? A thread vein is a small blood vessel near the surface of the skin. Blood contains haemoglobin that absorbs the light and converts it into heat. This heat destroys the protein in the wall of the thread vein, resulting in the disappearance of the vein during the treatment. Ellipse uses short safe bursts of light from a flash lamp to quickly remove those thin veins from your face, neck and chest, revealing a clearer, more even-toned skin.

Facial Veins

Thread Vein Removal & IPL Skin Rejuvenation — Elysium Day Spa Galway

Thread veins , which can also be referred to as spider veins or broken veins, are a very common condition here in Ireland. Thread veins can also affect men, but as there is often a hormonal factor involved, it is far more common in the female of the species. They occur when tiny blood vessels become visible through the skin, creating spidery web-like patterns that, while not harmful or dangerous, can be very unsightly. Our blood vessels move in and out all the time, expanding and contracting and pushing the blood through our bodies.


IPL Skin Rejuvenation. The primary aim of skin rejuvenation with IPL and lasers is to induce the healing response of the skin and promote new collagen formation. Typically at each session the entire face is treated. There is no downtime which allows you to return to normal daily activities immediately. It is appropriate for people with a more even skin tone and show mild to moderate signs of aging.
ThermaVein offers the instant, safe and permanent removal of thread veins spider veins, skin tags and Cherry Angioma. ThermaVein uses a process known as Thermocoagulation which seals the thread vein walls, causing them to instantly and permanently disappear and is commonly used in conjunction with Sclerotherapy. The treatment is an incredibly simple and accurate process. ThermaVein delivers a tiny microwave current for under 0.