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Sidebar image source. The most horrific things are written about everybody on Reddit - Gary, Oct 30, 1. No discussion of torrents, file sharing sites, etc reddit content policy. Johnny Fratto is awful self. His refusal to shut up or hang up, his boring stories, his ridiculous look, everything would make him awful enough, but to top it off, he ruins Eric the Midget. These annoying obvious bits and schtick trying desperately to get on the air, or the cruel using of Eric to get on the air.

Johnny Fratto Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Johnny Fratto: Now That I'm Dead, Here's The Real Dirt | Stern Show Books

All the ball busting he did he loved Eric so much and I'm so sad they are both gone. She was a close friend to Fratto. When asked about how he compares to other companies like Orange County Choppers, Fratto said:. They are building motorcycles, I am building scooters — in no way shape or form do I belong in a category with them.

Johnny Fratto: Now That I’m Dead, Here’s The Real Dirt

Long-time Stern Show fans will remember the hilarious stories and life of Johnny Fratto. Fratto was a guest from time to time on the Stern Show on SiriusXM who unfortunately passed away in Before his death and Stern Show notoriety, Fratto was the owner of the custom scooter business Beverly Hills Choppers and partied with tons of celebrities. His memoirs are chalked full of stories from Hollywood.
Lynch was, at his peak, 3 ft 5 in 1. Lynch used a motorized wheelchair for mobility. Eric's height was cited at between 3 ft 0 in 0. Because of his short legs, weak joints, and a club foot , he employed a wheelchair to get around. His other afflictions included stork bite which gave him a "blotchy" complexion [7] and Ehlers—Danlos Syndrome , which resulted in gnarled fingers.