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The Ultimate Teen Titans Quiz! | Teen Titans

Raven and Starfire round out the total of five members. Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg are the three male members. The H. E Academy for young villains. Batman is often in the background doing random activities with Commissioner Gordon. He is usually not involved in the crime fighting. Raven tries to stay covered, but every once in a while she exposes some of her secrets.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About "Teen Titans Go"?: Zoo

Teen Titans Go! Song Quiz. Unikitty, Raven or Heatblast?
Teen Titans Trivia Teen Titans is heart-pumping action and adventure as 5 heroes take on evil villains to protect their home, Jump City. However, this show is not just about fighting. It delves into deep character development of the unique personalities of the Titans. Robin is the leader with cool Batman-style devices, pretty obsessed with catching the elusive Slade, and who never took things seriously till he learned how in The Quest Season 4.