Swinging and delivery team roping

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There are two typical ways of describing the delivery of a heeling loop. One is roping or scooping the feet; the other is the trap. The people who teach roping schools tend to teach one heeling technique or the other. The way I see it, which one you use depends on whether youre trying to bring the loop over the top of the steers hips, which is the trap style, or youre coming in more along the surface of the ground and alongside the steer with a lower trajectory angle, which sets up a scooping or sweeping type delivery. Your swing angle also has a part to play in which delivery style you use, because if your swing angle is fairly steep and you come out of the front side of your swing to start your delivery, the angle you're coming out of your delivery from is more over the top of the steer's hips.

The Heeler's Swing

Clay O'Brien Cooper: Angle of Your Heel Loop Swing - The Team Roping Journal

When it comes to the mechanics of your roping, it's all about angles. Because of the way a heel loop works, the angle of your swing becomes a very important factor. The most common characteristic of the angle of pro guys' swings is an angle that comes down over the left side of the steer on the left side of his horse's head. Back to the mechanics of it, when you deliver a heel loop your main objective is to control the bottom of the loop as it comes through in the delivery process. You're wanting it to hit the ground and stay right in line with the bottom of the feet, or even come back toward you in the delivery.

Team Roping Tips

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