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You might already know how to talk to your child about being donor-conceived, but how do you speak to strangers and colleagues about it? Psychologist Henriette Cranil gives you her best advice for the conversations to come. At Fertility Care Institute, counsellors often experience that women and men are surprised at how mentally taxing it is to be in fertility treatment. The good news? These reactions are completely normal.

Understanding Donor Insemination

contemplating single motherhood start here - Single Moms by Choice, Infertility and Egg Donors

Search Search. Menu Sections. Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted a big family. I'm from the UK and my parents split up when I was three and I was an only child until I was 11, when my first half-brother was born. I'd always had this fantasy that having lots of children would be wonderful. I married when I was 24 but as time went on, our relationship deterioriated and I left when I was Unfortunately my second marriage also broke up within a few years, before we had a chance to have chilren.

Becoming a Single Mom – A Guide to Conceiving a Baby of Your Own

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If people are unable to get fertility treatment on the NHS they sometimes use unregulated Facebook groups to find men willing to sell or donate their sperm. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority says this carries significant risks - and it could also be illegal - but two women told the BBC they felt that they had no choice. When Chloe and her partner had been trying to get pregnant for a year without success, their family doctor referred them to the local NHS fertility clinic. Tests showed that there was a problem with Chloe's partner's sperm and they would have to use a donor to have a baby.