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Rosario Dawson Full Frontal Nudity from “Trance” | NSFW Celebs

In Danny Boyle 's ' Trance ,' Rosario Dawson goes full-frontal much to the delight of many viewers, but the nudity is troublesome and lingers with you long after the film -- and not in a good way. In 'Trance,' Rosario Dawson plays hypnotherapist Elizabeth Lamb, who de-fleeces her vagina before having sex with James McAvoy 's Simon, a man who's gotten himself in a bit of trouble after he's misplaced a valuable piece of art he was supposed to help some bad guys steal. It's impossible to talk about why Dawson's nudity is so bothersome without discussing how problematic the film is: 'Trance' is a heist film, a con-artist story, a psychological thriller with twists and turns that tries to be stylistically abstract, and, finally, a sensual thriller with the most ridiculous twist it's a love story, kind of! Second, Boyle is more concerned with crafting the twists and turns and dead-ends of his maze than he is with making sure there's a valuable end at the heart of it. You can lead people through a maze, but there has to be a reason why they're letting you guide them; there has to be a rewarding conclusion.

Rosario Dawson Full Frontal Nudity from “Trance”

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