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New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. Twenty-plus years later, he's still helping to curate fan-made levels, and still a fan at heart. Doom's portal to hell opened in University of Wisconsin-Madison on December 10, , when id Software uploaded the shareware version to an FTP server.

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Ruby Hilted Dagger - Page 3 - Wheel of Time TV Show -

On a related note, I was thinking about the dagger last night while my wife was talking about something, and I wondered if maybe they put the ruby above the handle-grip so that Mat can hold the dagger normally and gaze into the ruby as he slowly loses his mind. That might make for good visual storytelling. Yes, I realize he could just hold the dagger upside-down, but then you wouldn't see the blade as well. Just a thought.

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By Bridgeburner56 , June 18, in Doom Editing. Specifically the slow down when you reach high linedef amounts. I have a In particular, switching to sectors mode now takes several seconds. The other modes don't have too much trouble and if them's the breaks then I'll just deal with it.
Master's humiliation, pissing and blowjob. Sitting with my Master, at his feet. Today I'm his dirty basement slave. Punished because not shaved!