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But the long and short of the bout is that the association is upset. It seems to me that only on the one hand it can be correct and beautiful — if martial arts among small people are made a Paralympic sport. And from the point of view of the sports career growth of these guys, there are no prospects. Despite the criticism, others are giving the fight the thumbs up.

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Russian dwarfs rise up in anger over mini-MMA mayhem | Toronto Sun

The mixed martial arts fight in Russia saw 3ft tall TikTok star Hasbulla Magomedov fight 3ft 3in tall Abduroziq, a singer from Tajikistan. Critics said the entire thing was 'wrong'. And why are you imitating Conor McGregor? The mixed martial arts fight was organised by Chechen blogger Ashab Tamayev, 19, and was due on 18 May, but it is unclear who won. And English professional mixed martial artist Darren Till expressed his willingness to pay money to see this confrontation, according to local media. Want all the latest shocking news and views from all over the world straight into your inbox?

Russian Dwarf Athletic Association criticizes viral sensations over ‘unethical’ MMA fight (VIDEO)

Magomedov is a well-known celebrity in Dagestan, counting Khabib Nurmagomedov among his pals and often posing with the UFC legend. While many take him to be much younger due to his proportions, Magomedov is actually said to be 18 years old and suffers from a rare genetic condition. Abdurozik, 17, is likewise a similar star in his homeland, known for his musical talents and like his would-be foe Magomedov, he suffers from a growth disorder. Under the auspices of Chechen blogger and MMA fighter Asxab Tamaev, the plan is seemingly for the pair to meet in actual combat — although despite teasing a May 18 date, organizer Tamaev has yet to share any footage of a fight beyond a few face-off scuffles.
The Russian Dwarf Athletic Association has branded a potential fight between a social media superstar and singer 'unethical'. It all started with social media footage of a face off between Hasbullah Magomedov and Abdu Rozik. Although at this stage it's hypothetical, the fight is expected to be organised by MMA professional Asxab Tameav. But the head of Russia's Dwarf Athletic Association, Uliana Podpalnaya said the potential fight would be 'unethical', saying it would be a 'laughing show'.