Men wiskers kissing girls

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Often you don't even realize it's happening until after you get home, when you look in the mirror to see a face that is raw and scratched, but beard burn is real. Oh, and then of course you'll probably break out because life is—and I cannot stress this enough—not fair. I do not do a step skincare routine every night so some guy can come along and give me beard burn and not text me the next day. This is not my America.

My Skin Gets Irritated After Kissing Scruffy Men, So I Asked A Derm What To Do About Beard Burn

How Do I Get Rid of Beard Burn? 9 Tricks For Soothing & Preventing Irritated Skin

Making out should be fun. Full stop. The only thing you should worry about during sexy time is your enjoyment — not whether or not your face might fall off from beard burn thanks to your partner's rough scruff. How to avoid sensitive skin after kissing isn't an unknowable mystery, even if you've gotten a raw chin or a breakout from kissing enough times to nearly resign yourself to celibacy. Luckily, professional dermatologists have weighed in to save all of our skins from the horrors of painful beard burn and skin sensitivity after a makeout. I had my first kiss with my first boyfriend way back in eighth grade.

9 Hacks for Soothing & Preventing Beard Burn

Beard Burn. Stubble Trouble. I may have made that last one up. Whatever you want to call it, knowing how to prevent beard burn if you're making out with a dude with facial hair or stubble is crucial. The first thing you need to know is that a little bit of communication never hurt anyone.
Like, now. Sound familiar? You deserve better than this! So before you start your next nuzzling session, pay attention to these tips.