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Pam is the lesbian mother of Connor , a student of Watson Elementary, the school Lily goes to. In " Schooled ", she and her girlfriend, Susan , are called up to the school because Cam threatened her son that was pulling on Lily's hair. In the meeting with the principal, she is belligerent because Cam made her son cry. The Principal invites them to have a four party play date with Lily and Connor to set a example of good behavior. At the play date Connor and Lily go to her room. Cam offers both mothers vegetarian spring rolls, which Pam takes offense to because it's a stereotype.

'Modern Family': Mitch and Cam Kiss, Finally

'Modern Family': Mitch and Cam Kiss, Finally - The Atlantic

In a slightly depressing column on sex and television earlier this week, Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales singled out Modern Family for its portrayal of gay characters. The show, he said, "depicts a gay-male marriage in which both partners are refreshingly dimensional, believable human beings Eric Stonestreet—the actor who plays Cam, one half of the couple Shales praises in his column—told me he's proud that the show treats his character's family like an equal corner of the three families who make up Modern Family 's supporting triangle. He appreciates that the series doesn't need to dwell obsessively on the fact that the show portrays a loving, healthy, stable family headed by two gay parents.

Modern Family Schooled

As a whole, Modern Family seems to have a hard time doing justice to its ensemble cast this season by stretching its episodes too thin—either focusing on too many storylines or too many characters. The best thing about the episode is the guest stars who make up a lesbian couple Cam and Mitch have recently befriended. However, the should-one-of-us-donate-sperm-or-not plotline does give us this one zinger, which is already being quoted on Twitter and will probably be made into future memes:. Storylines involving fewer main characters just naturally get less screen time. And to have the foresight to come up with and pull off the DeDe-tree bit—color me impressed.
Phil and Claire get emotional as they send Haley off to school, Manny makes Jay and Gloria take a parenting class, and Mitchell and Cameron clash with lesbian parents from Lily's school. Phil Dunphy : When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like, "Whaaaat? Sign In. Modern Family.