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Jim Ellison, an Army Ranger, was sent with his unit on a mission to a remote area of Peru. As the only survivor, the isolation and danger triggered inborn abilities that he didn't know he had. Jim is a Sentinel, a person with extremely enhanced senses, adapted by nature to be a protector of his tribe. Now he's back in America, working as a detective, and having difficulty with his painful, distracting overactive senses. Blair Sandburg, an anthropologist, read about the existence of Sentinels in a book by the real life Victorian author, explorer and translator Richard Burton.

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The Sentinel Fan Fiction

The Fifty Shades Parody is an unauthorized musical satire of E. The story follows an author, EBJ, as she writes a sex fantasy about a younger version of herself named Natasha Woode and a handsome billionaire, Hugh Hansen. With a weekend free from her husband and children, fledgling writer, E. Janet, decides to write a sex fantasy. Her story centers around a younger version of herself, Natasha Woode.

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Please note that this page contains NC slash and so is unsuitable for underage readers. Please go back now, or head elsewhere. I started reading Sentinel stories last year, and there were so many of them that I couldn't keep track of which one was which. I'd spend days searching for that story where they lock up the loft and cuddle on the couch. Or, the one where Jim says, "Don't look at me.