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Her portrayal of the bloodthirsty Countess in the '70s horror hit Countess Dracula made a generation of guys scared stiff! Being Italian and having legendary horror director Dario Argento for a daddy doesn't hurt either. Alas, this was to be her last horror-movie appearance, unless of course you count Valley of the Dolls. When she stabbed, shot, and finally tossed Michael Myers off a balcony, she won a special place in the Horror Babe Hall of Fame and in my little black heart too!

10 Incredibly Sexy Horror Movie Villainesses!

Dana Donnelly’s hot girl guide to hot girl horror movies

Women are scary. But anchoring all those knowing winks is the deadly serious Sydney Prescott Neve Campbell , the dark-haired heroine who watches her best friends get slashed off one-by-one with a tearful-yet-strong dignity. Unfortunately this is a list devoted to films, and the only way to get Ms. With the horror landscape full of heroines who seem to live in a state of perpetual high-pitched frenzied insanity, FBI agent and forensic scientist Dana Scully Gillian Anderson stands out as a beacon of quiet and methodical coolness in the face of extraterrestrials, government conspiracies, monsters…and the sexual perversion of David Duchovny. A quintet of supermodel-hot women go on a foolhardy cave-diving trip and find themselves pursued by grotesque subterranean Gollums.

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Read time. Text by Dana Donnelly. Illustration by Des Magness. In lieu of dressing up and going out this year—you know, because of the pandemic and all—my Halloween will be spent watching all my favorite hot girl horror movies.
In horror, there are two major categories that a female characters in horror films fall into: final girls a. And over the last several decades, we've seen dozens of incredible actresses take on both of these roles—from 70's slashers to 00's torture porn. Take a look at our selection of the top final girls and femme fatales from horror in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on our list in the comments section.