High roller street hustler

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Five card players sit around a Reseda poker table while the dealer takes lessons from a homeless man. The instructor wears unstrapped black overalls, leather sandals and socks, an olive green shirt and a tie-dyed tie. He is Ellix Powers, former crack addict, recovering vagrant and professional poker player — a competitor in the World Series of Poker that starts in Las Vegas today. In the past few years, poker has become a national phenomenon, a roll of the dice that gives more skilled players an edge but offers a rush that some pros describe as better than sex.

High Rollers (song)

Former street hustler bets on a different kind of living – Daily News

When Roselyn "Rosie" Keo and Karina Pascucci decided that the traditional and legal ways of making money in the strip club scene were not enough, they, along with others, conspired to trick, manipulate and drug unsuspecting wealthy men before taking their money to fund their own lavish lifestyles in the wake of the financial crisis. Keo has been a lifelong hustler. I was just in the wrong business. She started her entrepreneurship in grade school, where she would sell candy for a profit, said David Haskell, editor-in-chief of New York Magazine, which covered the scam involving Keo in Customers from Lace, a nearby gentlemen's club, would frequent the diner, Keo said, during a series of revealing interviews. To make that kind of money in one night, she said "it felt great to have that power. It's a rush.

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