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Author's Note: This can be read as its own story or as a sequel to 'Brittanys New Life' After what seemed like an eternity Brittany had finally fallen asleep despite the enema, butt plug, and constant tug on her nipples from her bondage mittens being attached to her nipple rings. It felt like she had only slept for a few seconds when she heard the cruel laughter of Mistress Theresa and Alyssa as they entered the room. Alyssa giggled and Brittany felt her slapping the butt plug, causing Brittany to whimper and wince every time it moved. She felt a foot pressing her face to the floor and heard Mistress Theresa ask "Are you ready for that butt plug to come out so you can release your enema bitch?

The Punishment Chair 7: Rubber Hold

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Collected by CarolinaSpanker. On the middle of the table was a bare assed naked schoolgirl,who laid face down while using her butt as a candle holder making her ass hole burn w the dining room lights switched off. On the inside of the dildo was a small protruding rubber knob that went into Ariel. The knob rubbd against her clit as She fuckd me. The harder she fuckd my ass,the more the knob stimulated her. Corn coatd w her brn shit,taste it in her mouth. There she was,butt high in the air w her knees sprd opn.

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Kat was woken up from her deep sleep by an odd clicking sound. The last thing she remembered was getting into her master's bed after her heavy rubber bondage session. He had let her sleep in his king size bed if she sucked his huge dick. He wanted to know if she had learnt anything from her humiliation session a far days ago.
You wake in your bed like any other day before it, barely aware of anything but the soft warmth of it under you. The whole world practically doesn't exist at this point, and for the time being you're content to lie there and enjoy the softness and the fact that for a few more moments nothing matters but your dreams. That wont last, it never does eventually y