Foot fetish ideas for sex

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Goddess Aviva is a professional and lifestyle dominatrix with beautiful feet. While they are indeed naturally gorgeous, she has a tried-and-true foot care routine to keep them not only stunning for her submissives but healthy for herself. Many of her male submissive clients come to her to indulge a foot fetish, a sexual fetish Goddess Aviva says is quite normal. Indeed, a foot fetish is among the most common fetishes, not to mention a healthy source of joy in many people's sex lives. A foot fetish is different for each individual who has one, but often involves a desire to worship feet through giving them massages or kissing them.

How to Make Someone With a Foot Fetish Really Happy

Not Just a FootJob: 14 Foot Foreplay Ideas To Find Your Feet – MysteryVibe

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Not Just a FootJob: 14 Foot Foreplay Ideas To Find Your Feet

Feet are the most commonly fetishized non-sexual body part sorry, elbows. Although some foot lovers require foot involvement for arousal, others just think feet are really, really sexy. If the foot thing interests you or you've got a partner who literally can't get enough of you from the ankles down, read on. Go for some oral while bending your feet behind you onto his chest so his mouth has easy access to your digits.
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