Cucumber as a sex toy

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In such scenarios, it is difficult to get the space and privacy that one might often need. However, despite not having sex toys, you can masturbate with some of the most easily available items within your household. All you need to do is get some privacy to make the most of these DIY sex toys at home. One of the most commonly used home items as a dildo is the cucumber. Because of its shape and size, a cucumber works wonders in satisfying women.

The Dos and Don'ts of Using Household Objects for Sex

This man accidentally killed his girlfriend after using a cucumber as a sex toy

Sex toys are really great, but with our bank accounts still weeping from the sucky recession we've just stumbled out of, we need to get our priorities right. If it means I don't have to compromise my hefty meth addiction, I'm always going to pick my brother's dowdy old Rampant Rabbit over one of those bespoke sex toys that women like Barbara Walters probably own. In these days of hardship, we must make do. We aren't all Walters.

Can Any of These DIY Sex Toys Make Me Orgasm?

I remember the first time I stuck something up my vagina. I was 15, and it was a hair brush. I stuck it in, wiggled it around, and I loved it so much that I personified it by naming it Harry the Hairbrush. But thinking back on my solo days with Harry reminds me that I did a lot of things wrong, like not cleaning it yikes and not putting a condom on it. In fact, when you're masturbating with household items — or using them for sex with your partner — there's a lot you can do wrong.
People improvise with all manner of implements when they masturbate. Some choices are better than others. A cucumber is a common item people use for penetrative play. However it is advisable to use a proper latex condom instead of a piece of cling film.