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Perhaps you are looking for a style of facial hair that is fun and will definitely have you standing out in the crowd. If this sounds like you, then the mutton chops just might be the perfect new beard style for you. This classic look still holds its powerful dominance even in the fashion world, drawing attention first to your face and then what you might be wearing. If you want to command attention regardless the room you are in, this guide on how to shave mutton chops will help you to achieve this appealing look also knows as sideburns. The mutton chops are extremely popular because these sideburns styling can be left alone or with a variety of different mustaches or beard styles. Whether you are looking to make a bold statement or you are in love with the rockabilly genre of music, you will have little trouble getting that retro look with this style of beard.


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The mutton chops beard has long sideburns that connect to a mustache. Old-time hair styles are making a comeback. The Mutton Chops Look. Step 1.

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The imperial beard is a classification of facial hair that includes friendly mutton chops as well as more exotic styles. Although somewhat rare today, the imperial beard style was particularly prevalent during the 19th Century. In this guide, you will learn everything that you need to know about the imperial beard and friendly mutton chops:. Andy Cox , CC 2. Technically speaking, it carries many hallmarks of a moustache in that hair growth is absent on the chin.
Sideburns , sideboards , [1] or side whiskers are facial hair grown on the sides of the face, extending from the hairline to run parallel to or beyond the ears. The term sideburns is a 19th-century corruption of the original burnsides , named after American Civil War general Ambrose Burnside , [2] a man known for his unusual facial hairstyle that connected thick sideburns by way of a moustache , but left the chin clean-shaven. Sideburns can be worn and grown in combination with other styles of facial hair, such as the moustache or goatee , but once they extend from ear to ear via the chin they cease to be sideburns and become a beard , chinstrap beard , or chin curtain.