Chinquapin mature size trees

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Where the Ozark chinquapin tree lives is a curious matter with an air of mystery that is slowing being revealed. Like all good mysteries it had a starting place, and this one begins with a map. Not a pirate treasure map but a range map. It was the small range map that identified the tree restricted to southwest portions of Missouri and northwestern portions of Arkansas. With a little sleuthing we have learned that the tree was formerly recorded and still resides in the Ozarks of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana.

Tree Species Profiles: Top Rated Shade Trees, Chinquapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii)

Castanea pumila

Chinkapin is a monoecious multi-stemmed, thicket-forming shrub or small tree with spreading lower branches and ascending upper branches. If grown as a tree in can reach feet tall. It is resistant to the chestnut blight and can usually recover if infected. It can be found from the coast to feet elevation in the mountains. Chinkapin nuts are palatable to humans as well as wildlife. They have a sweet flavor and are eaten by many birds and mammals. They can be difficult to harvest and are not grown commercially.

A true Texas native, the Chinquapin Oak is a worthy addition to consider for any property or landscape. It is an excellent tree that can live to well over years. Nevertheless, it is not particularly common in rural or urban areas. Nature plants it in the deep soils along creek and riverbeds from Central Texas eastward. The species is available in most nurseries, yet this canopy tree is currently underutilized.
Useful Prepper Pages. Chinquapins are a triple-threat plant for Preppers, being used for medicinal purposes Indians made a tea from the leaves to treat fevers and headaches , for attracting wildlife, and for its sweet nuts. Growing plants for your family to be used in a wide variety of ways is one of the most cost-effective investments a Prepper can make. Read More Read Less