Cassidy feat hustler im jay z

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Verse 1 I'm a hustler, I'm a hustler homey I got the product, narcotics for customers homey Feins open they be smoking like a muffler homey niggas phoney so I only got a couple of homey If you a hustler I could, I could fuck wit you homey You spend a couple of bucks I stay in touch with you homey I get money I get 20 to K I got 20 strip although I'm 20 today I get cake from buds and haze I'm making dubs they hating cause I'm on the grind like I'm making love with cops got the block hot like a jamaican club cop wait, wait for a droute then I make a fllod try to take my cake you gone take a slug But you can take my information if you taking drugs cause I can sell raid to a bug I'm a hustler I can sell salt to a slug. Verse 2 Married to the game, same bride just a new dru I do more then just do to cause my bills come in to soon, my son gone be two soon royalty check come in like once in a bluemoon but I'm getting my doe for doing shows I made more money on the grind then on the road that's why I stay fly and flying on hoes car's are so cool,Aston no shoes just a rubberband on my wrist, no jewels I ain't got to prove I'm rich, I'm no fool I know the rules I ain't got time for it But a nigga will shine when it's time for it and they will hateyou deal with the real cake and they on the corner from morning to real late I deal weight and if you bastards dought me I'm a hustler ask about, ask about me. Verse 3 Yeah they made you got saved don't be spend the change In fifth grade I was hustling my genesis game I was dumb young selling chew gum to my classmate on the cash chase moving at a fast pace never been a dummy never did what the dummies do so I had a mill to burn before I turned 22 more money , more problem is true cause the more money I make the more problem for you yeah I used dude voice props to the boy sean he made it a hot line I made a hot song So stop drawing man you got to respect it I'm the best swizz got to perfected don't mess with C-A-double S-I-D-Ycause I became the best when B-I-G died the kid do it big like P-U-N cuse I'm nice P-A-C with the P-E-N. Kraken Link to us Contact About Faq.

I'm a Hustla (song)

Cassidy - I'm A Hustler (R&B Remix) - Ouvir Música

Seven days of the week I hustle! Just to stay on my feet To all my single parent mothers just tryna survive Doing what you gotta do, working nine to five Cause you hustle! Gotta put food on the table You hustle! Gotta keep the family strong. I'm just tryna feed my seed You hustle!

I'm A Hustler (Feat. Cassidy) lyrics

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