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Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Dealing with red, reactive skin and rosacea — a chronic condition where skin is overly sensitive , often with visible blood vessels and raised bumps on the face — usually means tiptoeing around anything that could trigger a flare-up. Even hot showers and skin-care acids can worsen symptoms.

I Tried the So-Called Best Redness-Reducing Products—Here Are My Honest Reviews

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For as long as I can remember, I've been plagued with one of the most annoying skin conditions known to man: redness. Okay, that might be a tad dramatic, but as someone who suffers from mild rosacea, redness is basically my middle name. Spicy food, an intense workout, a relaxing glass of wine, a hint of anxiety, a slight breeze, a Tuesday— basically, you name it, and it irritates my skin. I always assumed this was a personal problem that I had to deal with. It wasn't until I read a recent Man Repeller Instagram post about an editor's battle with pink cheeks and saw the hundreds of comments that I realized this is a common problem. Being the product junkie that I am don't judge , I've tested just about every formula on the market that's promoted as redness-reducing, anti-inflammatory, neutralizing, calming, etc.

I Tested 6 Popular Redness-Reducing Skincare Products

And the rosy cherry on top? I have mild rosacea, which means the blood vessels on my cheeks are known to put on a special show from time to time. I posted an Instagram Story to this effect during a recent episode in which my face resembled that of a creepy attic doll , asking for redness-soothing product recommendations. I got TONS of recommendations, which was amazing, but there were a handful of standouts that came up multiple times and with passion, I might add. I also received numerous requests for me to share the results, so I decided to do one better and actually test the most popular ones out.
Promising review: "I have had a problem with sensitive, itchy, red blotchy skin that was prone to red bumps. I decided to try Aveeno Calming Foaming Cleanser figuring it wouldn't work either. What a pleasant surprise. After using it just once there was less redness and no itching. The redness was always at its worst after showering.