Asshole father tabs

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Asshole Father lyrics

Sum 41 tabs - ( guitar tabs )

I waited for you yesterday I waited and missed the last train I waited to say that I'd fallen in love with your way I waited for you yesterday Eventually walked home in the rain I waited to see if you felt the same for me. Why did I? I waited for minds to change Pointing their fingers of blame It's not my fault you're ashamed of how you feel. Cause you don't Just admit it Cause you won't Just admit it Just admit it Just admit it Just admit it Just admit it I called you a whore and broke down your door But you don't even hate me!

Asshole Father

Tuning: Standard This song is recorded in Drop D, but these are the chords for open tuning. Be sure to play around with the voicing of the chords. Listening to the recording carefully helps you distinguish where to play a low A versus a higher one. I included the tab for the verses in case you prefer Drop D, the chord map would be different however.
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