Ass hole in tongue

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Rimming can be extremely erotic due to the nerve endings that surround the anus and the perineum. Once I was having sex with my gf and I told her that I wanted to lick her asshole and she was a bit shy She allowed me but before that I washed it then I licked it, she was on cloud Is it harmful as we both enjoy that moment? Most people are hesitant to perform rim-jobs because they perceive it to be unhygienic.

What is Tongue fuck?

How to Eat Ass – the Definitive Guide to Rimming

It tastes… earthy. Just silence. Just zen silence. There are lots of techniques for cunnilingus, but not as much for this. There are plenty of ways to go down on a vagina.

Rimming: A Definitive Guide on How to Eat Ass

The first time I heard about rimming , my older and much funner mate was telling me how her boyfriend went from eating her out to eating her ass and she was so surprised, she farted into his open mouth. This kind of story sounds like the biggest joke ever when you are a pre-rimmee i. Take it as the number one rule of rimming: expect the unexpected. Unless, of course, you come prepared to the bussy brunch.
Sometimes butt tastes like poop. In fact, that very possibility might explain why something like 60 percent of the adult population has never once, in our entire boring little lives, dared to have anal sex, let alone place our tongue, however gingerly, on or about the butt hole of another person. I get that. And for straight men, the numbers are even smaller.