Anal fissure and hemorrhoids

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Last Updated January This article was created by familydoctor. An anal fissure is a small crack or tear in the thin, moist lining of the lower rectum. Sometimes people confuse anal fissures with hemorrhoids. The most common symptom of an anal fissure is a shooting pain in the anus and surrounding area.

Is It a Hemorrhoid or Anal Fissure?

How You Can Deal With Anal Fissures – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

This article was published on October 11, , and was last updated on May 1st, in Hemorrhoid Banding. Maybe you felt just a twinge of pain or a tickle of an itch after going to the bathroom. Maybe you started to notice after a long weekend of playing hard that the water in the toilet was occasionally rosy. Maybe you just felt something back there when you were washing that was different. Telling the difference between anal fissure and hemorrhoids can be difficult, as most people have a hard time seeing, or are reluctant to look at the affected area.

Difference Between Anal Fissures & Hemorrhoids

If you are experiencing pain or itching around your rectum or seeing blood in your stool you may be dealing with an anal fissure or hemorrhoids. While the two problems are different they do have something in common — neither is any fun. But understanding the difference between the two can help you treat them more effectively and get some relief. Anal fissures are small tears in the lining of the anus which can cause pain, bleeding and itching. If the fissure spreads downward it can result in a swollen lump.
We offer online bariatric seminars and telehealth visits to continue care from home. If you are experiencing painful passing of stool and noticing bright, red blood during your bowel movements, it is likely you have a hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids are one of the most common reasons for a visit to a colorectal surgeon, like Dr.