American boob tube

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With the help of mobility aids and a feeding tube, she lived well past her initial prognosis of death by age 4. For hoodie-clad, Silicon Valley-types, this means more transistors in a dense integrated tube. With shorts, a man is expected to wear ankle socks rather than pulled up tube socks. Drone: the largest tube of a bag-pipe, giving forth a dull heavy tone. Should the vapor not condense well, the test-tube may be immersed in a glass of cold water.

Why Is TV Called the 'Boob Tube'?

BOOB TUBE (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

Boob tube is a noun that has two primary meanings, depending on geographic location. In the United States and Canada, the expression is used as slang for a television set, as in watching the :boob tube. The expression was meant to characterize people who were watching TV as boobs, and it was usually conveyed with a derogatory or comedic slant. The use of the term boob tube emerged in the first few years of American television broadcasting when the medium was struggling to find artistic footing. Soap operas and game shows abounded, and there was little of substance for intelligent people to watch on TV. The first televised use of the expression boob tube is believed to have been in a episode of a comedic American television show, The Munsters. When television broadcasting expanded to cable TV, subscribers began to enjoy more variety in programming choices, including specific channels with intelligent, thought-provoking shows.

What is a Boob Tube? (with pictures)

When television became the trendy new vehicle for news and entertainment in the midth century, some people started calling it the tube. That nickname soon spawned an even catchier one: the boob tube. The former phrase likely stemmed from the process by which televisions exhibited images. Inside each bulky, antennae-topped box was a cathode-ray tube, which funneled electrons straight to the glass screen.
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