Amateur weather forecasting

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Even though there is so much going on in the world, when you live in a desert climate, it hard to not constantly think about the weather. Living in a state which is currently tackling record-high temperatures means being tuned in to the weather. Discrepancies and inaccurate temperature measurements have led many to look to at home methods for reliable meteorology. There is virtually nothing that we cannot learn on the internet, and that is where those who are sought to learn how to accurately predict and report the weather in their area have turned to acquire the necessary know-how.

Meet the amateur meteorologists who are taking forecasting the weather into their own hands

Weather | Royal Meteorological Society

To little kids everywhere and maybe some big kids too , weather forecasts are kind of magical. How is it possible to know if Saturday will be a good beach day, or when snow might be heavy enough to knock out power? Meteorologists seem to have all the answers. Monitoring your rainfall as well as snow and hail can help you decide when to plant your garden, how much to water, and when to prepare for basement flooding. Decant additional amounts collected in the outer cylinder into the inner tube, and repeat as needed to complete your calculations. Whether you are training to be a storm spotter or participate in sports like biking or sailing where knowing current wind speed and wind chill are key to performance, an anemometer is a must-have.

The Rise of the Internet Amateur Meteorology

The aim of Weather is to act as a bridge between the interests of those having a professional and a general interest in the weather, as well as between meteorologists and others working in related sciences such as climatology, hydrology and geography. Articles and regular features are written for a wide range of readers, from professional meteorologists to amateur weather observers. While technical language and mathematical content are kept to a minimum, Weather also seeks to inform and to give readers an opportunity to update their subject knowledge. Photographs of weather events are an important feature of the journal and the Weather Image feature provides an opportunity to analyse a satellite image or photograph. Weather Log is a summary of the weather of each month by means of meteorological data and weather maps.
Self-taught weather enthusiasts are now forecasting rain and cloud alongside their slick, professional TV counterparts. These — mostly young — bedroom meteorologists have made predicting the weather more personable, more frequent and more competitive than ever before. But can a bunch of amateurs really be more accurate than the Met Office?